Personal Training

Are you ready to get FIT, and feel GREAT!

As your personal trainer, I will inspire and encourage you to achieve your health & fitness goals. I'll focus on your goals and interests in order to create an innovative program that gets you the results you want!

WayFIT offers quality, fun, professional training: In-Home, Outdoors, In-Office, & private studios. Equipment is brought to location; only Water and towel required.

Health Benefits of Exercise:

*Increase Strength and Endurance

*Power and Speed

*Mind-Body Coordination

*Agility, Balance and Flexibility

*Mental Toughness

*Provides more oxygen to enter the body, increasing your tissue vitality.

*Improves the nervous system.

*Increase Bone Mineral Density


I will monitor your food intake and together we can modify your nutritional program to optimize your health benefits and results. Not only will you increase your energy you'll also prevent diseases, reduce stress, & increase sleep.

Progress tracking

Together we will track your measurements, BodyFat %, Cardio Endurance, and Strength Progression in order to maximize your awareness of your body and its changes. Who doesn't love results in the mirror, and on paper!

Workout Program

Your workout program will be tailored specifically to your needs and desires. Every day is given special attention, whether we are training one-on-one that day or not.

Resistance Training

Is the best thing you can do if you want a leaner, stronger, more FIT body. Resistance training involves activities using weights [Dumbells, KettleBells,  Medicine balls etc.] Machines, Bands &  your own body weight. 


Stretching is very important in maintaining a healthy, injury-free, active lifestyle. You will learn about static and dynamic stretching exercises. In addition, I will teach you about the 'foam roller' and its amazing power to release lactic acid build up, decreasing your chances of muscle imbalances and injury!

Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardio enhances the blood flow to the muscles and lungs. As a result, more oxygen is being taken in, making the heart stronger and more effective. Your chances of heart disease decrease exponentially. Naturally your body releases the toxins that cause someone to feel depressed, anxious or sleep deprived.


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